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Joint Venture

To create a formidable, most efficient world class engineering company (In modern technologies - cloud based software) for highest profit margin markets like North America by combining resources from India and or other emerging labor pools and combine SAAS and MAAS. The like examples are Basecamp ($100 Billion), Intuit ($50B), Buildertrend ($40B) etc. We have the vision, some financial resources (bootstrap), some management skills and resources and are seeking remaining skill sets to compliment from a person(s) or entity to pair up for profitable venture.

A small entity with successful, profitable and varied experienced world class management and resources in engineering company in USA with roots in India.

A person (Male or female) or entity who can start, create, manage, market and sell a new digital product (SAAS - software as a service). Currently our products are B2B (Business to business) being envisioned for North American market at this time. This person would ideally be a graduate or equivalent in Software, computer sciences, or information technology etc with minimum of 3 years hands on experience in similar set up. Demonstrated leadership qualities to have had accomplish formidable results are absolute requirements. This is not a 9 to 6 job but needs lot many more hours and be glued to the success of the product 24x7. Can-do on-time attitude is absolutely necessary coupled with the ability to take immense pressure of deadlines. This position is not for the run of the mill, laid back feeble. For some one to partner with us, he / she must think out of the box, be creative, bold and believe in him/herself to deliver on time. On time to the market is the number one requirement.

An entity where two or more persons or entities join hands to create, manage, market a product or service as a joint venture for profitability from such arrangement within the framework of a written agreement

To create a product or service from ground up, including design phase to launch, marketing and sell it for profit. Some products may already be in advanced stage, if so take over from that stage and move forward

A small team and an office in Jaipur, and presence in USA with adequate infrastructure and financial resources to bootstrap and launch to the market to scale up to be able to get venture finance and or go straight to IPO.

Some time to test the partner’s capabilities during an orientation time, say minimum 6 months to perhaps 12 months or more if needed. We shall verify the skill sets, ability to learn, manage and his / her resourcefulness to finding solutions for the issues on hand. First one week shall be to weed out the totally incompetent. Then some time on wage schedule and later on %age of the net profits. The program is open to our current and past employees who we have had an interaction with and know their capabilities. We shall advertise and search other forums for this appointment. We can look at local or virtual (remote locations) for full or part timers.

Wages shall be paid for time worked and some %age of the net profits. Each case will vary differently and depends upon the partners capabilities and portal’s potential. Needless to say, that, sky is the limit and only the person who can deliver will be rewarded amply. There is much more to this picture and it can be discussed on a one on one basis. To begin with please send your resume, with what you have done in the past, what are you capable of doing and how would you go about it. A complete picture about you / your work would be helpful to revert. Contact: Skype- vijay_kumar_chopra in Piscataway, NJ USA