FAQs for the Partner ownership position at Incuber LLP

I don’t give titles to any position in my enterprise. You can call it, whatever/anything you like. When someone asks me, for my position, I reply it, as, “Chief cook and bottle washer”. You can call yourself, anything, like – Associate, Agency Leader, Manager, President, CEO, or Partner etc. Whatever suites your fancy. Operationally speaking, it is a “Product and Services Manager”. Realistically speaking – “Sales Producer”. People know me as the owner of the company and in time to come, people should also know you, to be the Partner (Part Owner) of the company. Your existence is dependent upon your sales volume, production efficiency and managing people and the products. Essentially you are an organizing force, a money-making machine, and a motivator – all rolled into one person. If you can be it, you are welcome to read on. This is an excellent platform to prove yourself to be so.

No, you don’t have to pay me anything or buy any equity. You shall be like a working partner with zero investment; out of your pocket, but will earn this position because of your sweat equity. You can still buy company stock (equity) at any time, just like any other commoner, but it is an optional act of your own will, and it is not at all, required to work here.

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1H41kpTNmo shall give you a fair idea of what the presenter is saying/doing. I have nothing to do with this video. I just found it on YOUTUBE by coincidence and it explains the daily chore beautifully.


  • There are no hard and fast rules as every one has their own style.
  • I start my day with checking the emails and replying or acting upon them.
  • We have a system that can be copied by anyone. It involves checking our ADs on all platforms. Which ADs have received any orders and which did not. The non-performing ADs need to be replaced with new ADs. I create my own ADS. So by analyzing which ADs are working, is one task.  Where else are the opportunities and how to implement them; is first task/responsibility.
  • Once an order has come in; then assigning it to the team and ensuring that they complete it, in a timely manner, is the next step. Once completed and delivered; to ensuring that we get paid is the last process and following up the customer.   
  • Next I check my website analytic to see which content is fairing well or which is not. Ensuring that our websites get high visibility/traffic is important. Create the content and or get others to produce same in a timely manner.  
  • Collate daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly sales and how to improve upon them and improve employee relationships.  
  • Web conference daily, with all pertinent to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.  
  • All work is on a collaboration system; so assignments are coming in and also being given out constantly to associates, the whole day.

Yes, some basic knowledge of the core competencies of our associates is needed, but this is an “on-the-job-training”. No formal in-school training or degree for this skill set is needed. Some online tutorials should be good enough to perform well. These are about 40 hours each in digital marketing, graphic design, business development, basic UI and basic server etc each; (about 1 month), you must spend 50% of the learning time for these on your own from home. At the outset, you must have minimum 40% efficiency in English, expected 60% but definitely no more than 80% in English. Your error-free typing speed must be at least 25 WPM. You must know basic computer, Folder and file structure or learn it quickly. Expert knowledge in one of these skills like management, marketing, law, finance and technology would be helpful. We expect you to know intermediate level Microsoft office suite (WORD, EXCEL PowerPoint) and emailing etc. You must be able to write impeccable flawless English with near perfect grammar and punctuation. You should be able to compose the content almost instantly and know how to research the issues. Some knowledge of photo / video editing would be helpful. These minimum skill sets are non-negotiable. We have skilled workers who do it expeditiously and rapidly and these assignments are for them to produce. Your required knowledge/speed would be limited to get the work out of them. You must have has some satisfactory supervisor / senior / managerial roles for at least 3 years before joining us. Time management in a stressful environment by keeping calm is required.

Compensation is mostly performance based. Meaning you will get a %age of the company earnings, it produces. Your base compensation shall be INRs 25,000.00 per month (Or prorated for any part thereof). Earnings from the sales shall be also be added to your base pay. Suppose the earning from sales amount was INRs 10K, then you get 35K for that calendar month.  It is anticipated that you should achieve at least INRs 50K per month within the first 6 months of your working. If you can’t achieve this level, frankly, then this position is not for you. Comparable positions earn INRs 10 Lacks per year. We would like you to make maximum money, because when you do, we do too. This compensation system was very carefully chosen to ensure highest risk/rewards for all of us and be fair to the high achievers. At sometime, we shall have to bring in more managers (parallel to this position). It is anticipated that perhaps it may be when you reach about INRs 10 lacks per year in 2023 Rupee value, then we shall have to divide the work load and the revenue derived from it. However it will not reduce your compensation because we are expanding and adding more managers. It shall be on par with the industry expectations. These compensation terms are non-negotiable.


If there is a third most important paragraph to read in this document, then it just this it. Large bonus payments are not normal in other companies.

I would like to reach at least USA $ 1 million (INRs 8,20,00,000.00. Our revenue is in US dollars and our accounting in India is in INRs, so the gross number will vary according to the exchange rate) from this venture. I calculate a minimum 50 web products at USA $1000 (Two per working day 50×12=600K from a crew of about 12-15) per month plus same additional from SAAS products (beginning 6 months from now). We should aim to reach these sales number in two years.

Out of the total sales revenue, from India IT operations, we pay a flat 0.05% (Half of one percent) of the total gross revenue generated.  For example if the revenue from IT sales are USD$100,000.00 in a month, you get $500.00 or about INRs 45,000.00 (say INRs 25,000 +45,000 = 70,000.00). IT revenue worldwide exceeds 2 Trillion USA dollars. If we can’t target a very minuscule share of it, then there is some thing not right with us. This %age compensate issue is non-negotiable.

It is mostly progressive and aggressive American style. We abhor British (Socialist Patterns. That is why they are going bankrupt. No brown sahibs here). The boss and the lowest scale worker are same in the eyes of the company for work performance. The traditional British hierarchy doesn’t exist in our company. You will be something like a class monitor wherein you sit on the similar seat as everyone else. There are no corner window offices for the bosses. All sit on the same floor level as with every other worker. We don’t believe in ties, suites, or reserved spot for our vehicles. In fact I park my vehicle the farthest away from the entrance. Front row is given to the handicapped, then to someone with babies in tow, then ladies, then elderly and then the regular healthy people and last row is for the leaders. I open the door for the ladies and let them in first; before I enter the room. I eat lunch with my workers across the same bench.     


If there is a second most important paragraph to read in this document, then it just this it. High energy cooperative environment can put you in one of the most profitable companies.

In the scheme of things, the acumen to generate highest revenue based on the efficiency of the processes, leadership, knowledge, dedication to the company, and  performance are. Your gender, age, seniority, title or degree is not of major value.

Currently, it is LLP (limited liability Profession). However, we want it to be a publicly owned co-operative corporation. Meaning about 95% (%age depending upon what the Indian government will allow) is owned by investors and 5% paid equity is reserved for the ownership by the employees (ex gracious). One can also have a dual role as an investor and also an employee (though not required).  We wish to integrate the benefits of the stock ownership, co-operative, and the community responsible entity into one corporate entity. The examples are Infosys (Started with 12 partners), Amul (3.6 Million Owners), CHS Inc., (cooperative $38.4 billion in revenues),  Apple (USA $100 billion in profits), and B corporation (known for governance, mission, ethics, accountability, transparency and how they build their vision and values into their bylaws for Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community).


We are an International, Co-operative, Bootstrap, Start up. These 4 words are the most important description about our company. If there is one paragraph to read in this document, then it just this it. If there is anything to research further, then, these are those are the 4 words. They explain everything about the essence of the company we are.

Yes, may be; but will you be given a consideration for sure . However, it is not guaranteed. Board is chosen by several other criteria and not because of your employment position in the company. You would still continue to be a key employees of the company after the IPO. You will not be fired because the company has been listed on the Indian stock exchange. Listing the company is a legal/financial process for the expansion which should have none or minimal impact on employees or partners.

At this time it is Syndicated Real Estate in USA, and we are getting started in development are Software Sales and Web Services (Agency) in India. In the near future, USA operations shall be curtailed and our software and web services operations would remain and be mostly based in India to service USA market.  


Our flagship product is a CRM (Customer Relation Management) called “PNAPNA” (Prosperity in Sanskrit). There are more than 600+ CRM worldwide. Largest CRM is Salesforce ($22 Billion co), popular Hubspot ($ 2 Billion – Neil Patel), ZOHO and FRESHWORKS (Both Indian). We wish to concentrate in Construction related trades CRM which has  about 30+ competitors. We have some applications like Employee monitoring. There are about 40+ companies offering E-Monitoring. PNAPNA core product is ready but our business site is not. We don’t have adequate content on this site. Without the content it is not possible to get good SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). We have recently hired 4 persons and it would take two+ months to get minimum content for it. Then we shall re-marketing PNAPNA (with E-Monitoring and Construction CRM).


In the meantime, we are gearing up to start contracting services. We have already created our portfolio. It might take some three+ months to monetize. The main purpose to get started with contracted services, is to share revenue with the employees which should pave the way (first step) to become a cooperative. We shall be concentrating on websites however, we may be offering more than web services in future.

It is difficult to give any definitive time line, however, it is anticipated to get the software and web services fully profitable and operational to make it to IPO within the next two years after that and close USA operations. I wish to retire from work and hand over the operations to five associates. I envision the five associates to be from product management, finance, engineering, and legal disciplines.  


If there is a fourth most important paragraph to read in this document, then it is just this. Listed companies grow exponentially in a structured manner.

Expected minimum age – about 28 years; optimally about 35 years; maximum probably 42 years. Minimum MBA, LLB, ME or equal/similar degree. Proven leadership, who can motivate and lead the team by example and not by authority vested by the company. A very focused, fast learner, highly goal oriented, mild mannered dedicated personality is required. Brash, loud, people are not tolerated. Advanced level education/knowledge in at least one discipline is needed. It can be in any like engineering, marketing, management, law, finance etc.

Office is typically open between 8 AM to 8 PM IST. You are required to work a minimum of 2400 hours per year. There is no allocated maximum time limit. It is expected that you reach office by 8 AM and not 10 AM. (6 days a week Mon-Sat). about 9 to 10 hours a day of which about 1 hour may be from outside office (Not the first hour in the morning). Very long grueling, multitasking times are required for high pressure sales environment. Going home to your village, vacations or excessive time off for daily chores is not a typical trait of this position. If you need to watch your time clock and not the sales chart; then this position is not for you. You need to allocate about 35% of your time to administrative chores of the USA syndicate realty operations (USR) and no sales revenue is derived from USR. Once USR is closed your entire time will be allocated to IT services only. There is no overtime pay for extra time worked. There is no work from home only type of work (other than minimally required type due to time difference). These working hours are non-negotiable.

About 95% of IT/software companies in India are offering contract sales (Agency) and only about 5% are SAAS. While contract services add quick sales volume; but to increase higher revenue you also need larger corresponding staff to achieve those goals (In contract work you are mostly selling your time). Managing larger manpower has its own challenges and is not desirable (Elephants are too big, slow and least productive). SAAS has its own issues like longer time line required to produce the product and then long marketing time for it to be a profitable venture. Hence the mixture of the two to balance the manpower, revenue and the long term objectives, we decided to keep both operations and adjust the manpower and our product offering according to the time lime progression.  All large companies like INFOSYS etc are SAAS companies or APPLE etc are products companies.

There is no one way, to do it. One of the ways is monitory incentives. We have allocated some revenue received on each project to distribute it as a performance bonus.  It has to be done on a case by case method. If it is reasonable and financially viable, we shall definitely look into it. I am willing to explore. I strongly believe in offering carrots for rising talents and performers, however am not afraid to use sticks when needed.

Someone who wants to start his/her own business or wants to buy a running business or be a partner in a running business, but does not have the funding or even the necessary know-how. Creating a new entity from ground up is very hard, so much of the ground work here, has already been done by us. We have just launched the product and services. Joining hands for the right candidates would make a sense for both of us. It is your mindset, that is important. “Can do” attitudes win. Ifs, buts, why, hows don’t win anything. Your glass is either half full and can be filled more or is half empty and will be depleted; so run for shelter. It depends on you, how you see the water level in the glass?

Mostly, it is supporting the marketing, and back office work for the enterprise. We don’t have traditional secretaries in our companies. Every one does all content creation work themselves, from writing content to producing PowerPoint slides, to videos, and sending emails, etc on their own. You will be required to do so too. You must have a smart phone and a PC at home for doing some work from home as and when needed.

Simply put there are more owners (partners) pulling one entity in the same direction that improves operating efficiencies. Take the case of Lizzat-Papad. Seven elderly ladies without much formal education made a multi-million dollar enterprise because all partners were pulling in one direction. So is the case of INFOSYS. Majority of the employees are not suited for this position because of their lack of commitment to the enterprise? The commitment eliminates inefficiencies. Employees want free benefits and only offer lip service to manage their job. They rarely perform like an owner. They want free benefits for their time, not results. Owners are known by the results and not by the time they spent.

No. It is not in the best interests of either of us. Very candidly, we have a lot at stake in training this person to bring him/her onboard (financially, time and emotionally). So that is something, we can’t afford to waste. Just, so that, no one is abusing this process, we shall hold first month’s salary in escrow, so at the very minimum, we don’t have someone who is simply trying to sneak in to see our systems and get paid, too. The way we look at it that either you know your job and can manage the part, get go. That would be perfect scenario, but it is hard to find someone like that. Such people are gainfully employed and would not leave their companies. On the other hand, if you don’t, then at the very least, you can still do is, to allocate some time, to learn it. Not every one of us are blessed with the luxury of owning a part of an international company. But to make it happen, all of us can allocate additional time of our lives to achieve that status.   This issue is non-negotiable.

To start with, it is just one person for now. However as we expand, we would need more depending upon the growth. It is being estimated that to replace me, we shall need 2 to 3 persons; however we shall be diligent in our growth to ensure that each person is on-boarded diligently. We need to divide the operations so each partner can justify that portion of the operations. No one person can do it all, hence bifurcation of our operations would be needed as we proceed. We can show you our syllabus for our trainees for digital marketing, graphic designers and full stack developers etc to get an idea as to how extensive the training is.

Legally you will be an employee of the company just like any one else. We do have an employee manual that is applicable to all employees. In a cooperative company every employee is entitled to be an owner. The only difference is that in this case we are grooming you to be specially to be the team leader that shall lead to partnership (Pre-planned). Every employee is entitled to be a partner. After five years of employment, the employee gets INRs 5 Lacks bonus or INRs 50 lacks in equity in the company. At 10 years experience in the company, it is doubled. Dilkhush Yadav has claimed this bonus. All other employees have been groomed to be trade specific like developer, designer etc. This employee position is being groomed specially to be the manager/partner.


Employee manual shall be an integral part of your employment documents. This document here, may be presenting some more issues than are spelled out in the employee manual. If there is any language or issue that is contradictory to this document, the language and intentions of this document shall prevail over the language in the “Incuber Services LLP Employee Manual”.

No. It is the total gross sales/gross revenue of the company for IT sales regardless of how it was derived at. There are no cash sales. All sales are on-line only; either by credit cards or bank transfer or checks etc.

Several come to my mind.

  1. First is that, this entire IT business is only 40 years old (First IBM PC came into being in 1982) and SAAS is only 18 years old and our type of wok is less than 8 years of age. Hence there are not enough experienced manpower available easily. The experienced people don’t leave their present companies easily.
  2. New people that are coming in, are trainee type, of the early adapter mindset and they switch loyalties for INRs 500, which is a huge challenge in itself.
  3. Most of the employees that are entering the field are very young, freshers and are not as responsible/mature enough as we would like to have. So we need a mature role model for them to emulate. I can’t provide that role model-feel remotely. It has to be locally in Jaipur.
  4. These folks don’t attend school regularly, so they have no discipline to work regular job 8AM to 6PM. They are used to the teacher telling them how to do it. All of a sudden they have been thrown into a job that demands their attention and they are not geared for it, and it is difficult to do it remotely.
  5. We have a time lag between our offices. They are 10.5 Hours ahead of my time in USA,. So when I am asleep they are working and when I am on my desk they asleep. In effect this new hire would be my eyes and ears to some good extent; when I am not on line with them.
  6. They are used to the old world system, where you deal with, what is in front of you. Dealing digitally and remotely is new and alien concept. But it has to be instilled into them as this is the only way forward for most of us. Digital collaboration is the only way forward for us.
  7. Secondly by having a dedicated person who will replace me, brings along a new sense of authority to work effectively.
  8. Creating products is hard and takes a very long time. It is the classic case of chicken or the egg first and hence it is a yo, yo, scenario that needs to be walked through to sort out the mud. Now that the product is ready we need to expand the company to market it.
  9. The issue with the IT product is that it has to be near perfect, before it can be launched. Indians not used to perfection. “Chalta hai attitude” is totally anti-perfect, that needs to be changed and it is hard when you don’t understand perfection concept.
  10. To the extent that you know, that there are no perfect solutions and as these are created afresh every moment and it can be resolved, then it shall work. If it is, some one else’s problem, then it will not work.
  11. As we grow, there may be more challenges, and as long we handle them maturely, we should be a winner.


There is no hard and fast rule for this. We use the judgment and the attitude of the person as a guide. Aptitude and attitudes matter more than time, are used to judge someone in totality.

That would be a huge problem; as this reason can be used as an excuse by anyone, to cop out, regardless. Something that would make us a huge looser, and that is not acceptable to us. We have a penalty clause and we shall enforce it vigorously. We have to weed out the free-loaders, who only want training. This is something you should know yourself – as to what is your ability to learn? We can send you the syllabus and the videos to watch to decide. We are looking for basic understanding of the things that others are doing, (who you will supervise) so you can get the work out of the workers. You should know yourselves if you are a laid back person or really go after something to achieve it. We would not know it, on day one. This is something that either it is in you or it is not. How important is your free time to you, you know that.  I don’t. If you can’t make it to the office at 8 AM is something you know your life style. We can only guide you to learn and manage the system. We can’t make your time and that is why we are hiring at such lucrative incentives. You need to think about it. It is not a golden platter in your hand. You have to go get it. It is minimum 1 years agreement after the training period.

In a digital world the sales is not on a phone or by person. Although there may be some whiteboard demos. There is no aggressiveness or pushy system here. We have several avenues and platforms where we advertise. For an example we shall use www.FIVERR.com to post our offer there (They call it a GIG). It is like an AD on a marketplace. There are many other market places like that. So when someone wants our service they ask us for a quote. Your job is to respond to them with a quote. We have a portfolio to attach the quote. If they don’t respond, follow it up with them. Like that there are several other platforms like YOUTUBE etc.  So the orders come on a daily basis. You need to keep posting the ADS and commercials on YOUTUBE etc. When the order comes in, it has to be assigned to the worker in the company. When the task is completed by them, then it has to be delivered to the buyer and ensure that we get paid for it.  Ensure that the person doing the work produces it in a timely manner. You need to survey the market place for opportunities and ensure that we have new platforms, strategies on how to improve our sales, and how to hire the right people, how to get most work out of them, how to improve the profit line. The work involves analyzing (case study) the opportunities and how to execute these opportunities. That is what I do and that is what I need to offload to some one else so I can do other things.  In that sense you could be called as my assistant to some degree/extent. For SAAS products we use more marketing avenues like mass emails, Bulk SMS etc but the focus is mainly on getting orders and getting it readied within the company and delivery to the client. It is an overall management of the company’s core functions. Produce and sell. It is not a physical product but a digital product you can’t see but handle it virtually. I am open to any suggestions to improve the bottom line.

For agency work – to create a portfolio which is ready as I write this content now. First, list it at toughest market place, so we can see what our competition is doing. Then within a week list our services on other marketplace like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer Linkedin etc. In parallel develop www.webbry.com and solicit locally. We wish to restrict to local small businesses and contractors nationwide. For SAAS it will bit longer time. Some of the applications are ready and one for contractors will take another month or so. We have just hired marketing trainees and expect to have some impact in two months time. I am leading the sales and marketing efforts in USA myself. I have put the syndication biz on pause to be full time here, to give boost for IT biz (India operations).

Tentatively we would let you get acquainted the first half of the day. Get comfortable in your seat and desk. If any issues we shall resolve it. Show you our software and how to operate to collaborate. 2nd day we shall demo our software, and our marketing systems. We shall let you play with the digital tools and practise on them. Then we shall proceed with digital marketing, Building business, Graphic design, Video, UI, HTML, UX, WORDPRESS and then at last, the servers. Simultaneously in the 1/2 day we shall show you how to operate the market place, how to list, answer quotes etc. Initially we shall do it both together and slowly you will start doing it yourself independently. We shall introduce you to GOOGLE control panel and analytic and slowly let you start somethings on your own. When we both get comfortable, you will also handle HR, accounting, banks and other company chores.

If you hold the optimum sales volume, we shall hire more people to help out.

No. Definitely not. It is an in-office in Jaipur position only. You have to be living in Jaipur, close to the office to get hired. No WFH or virtual assignments. Out of town persons are welcome, if they wish to relocate to near our office. This issue is non-negotiable.

You can GOOGLE the address. 418-Fourth Floor, JEM, Riddhi Siddhi Circle, Jaipur (RAJ-302018) Phone 0141 2763582 +91 9521489759. It is a glass tower. It is about 500 Sq Ft designed for about 20 persons. We intend keeping up to about 16 employee or so.  When we hit USA $1 million mark revenue we shall move to another bigger office. The current employees are:

  1. Dilkhush Yadav – has been here for 5.5 years, is a partner, heads the office and is a developer
  2. Gaurav Patel – About 2 years senior developer leads the SAAS portals
  3. Atul Kumar – Developer and office manager
  4. Archana Sharma – HR and junior developer
  5. Rajkumar Khatri – Graphic designer and video
  6. Nikita Bhatia  – Digital marketing trainee – ATHI and USA portals
  7. Ankit Sharma – Digital marketing trainee – Pnapna.comand like applications
  8. Devender Sharma – Digital marketing trainee – pnapnatech
  9. Vivek Saran – Digital marketing trainee – webbry.com

Several more are in the works

As you can see we are a small young company.

Yes it is mandatory to meet us in person, prior to your appointment. You can try out the office environment too for a whole day or more if you like.

Zero. We are just getting started. I shall start listing on marketplace next week. By the time we hire some one it should start the tap. We are prepping in advance as it takes months to hire someone that fits the profile.

Currently, it is one of the developers. It will continue to be so for some time. As these are routine matters and there is no need for you to do this task at this time. Likewise there many other daily chores like checking emails, when some other tasks need be done, some of them will be by other and some tasks by you. Banking payroll etc is being handled by some one else. In time to come it will be given to you.

We need a mature business minded person to lead them. None of the current staff (20-26 years) are aged enough to fit these shoes. They have been hired for different tracks and are suited for what they are trained to be, and are not fit for product/people/company management position, that this is.

I wish to answer this question by pre-qualifying and not unequally. The answer is yes and no. Initially the answer is “NO” unless there is a very specific reason for it. However as we get more confidence with your work, we shall let you run the organization independently in time to come. Initially all hiring and firings shall be by me and then later by mutual understanding and then last (finally) all by yourself. The same goes for all other decisions in the company. First, we like to see you walk the talk, before we let you run with it.


Regarding doing things of your own. The answer again is yes and no. It depends. The issue would have to be qualified and if in the cooperative and collective wisdom of all others, it should be considered, it would be.

Huge. I like new fresh ideas. There is very large upside to allow you to manage in your way. However, I have certain beliefs that I have amassed in 80 years. Leadership comes from being a good role model. If we can see that you have the minimum tech skill sets, compelling persuasive style of getting the work done, large sales, come to office early and stay late to ensure no work backlogs, we shall slowly loosen the reins and let you take off in a measured manner. There is no substitute for performance. There can be no arguments with the maths on the paper. It speaks for itself. In time, there shall more managers and in finality the company shall be run by a group of professional managers. I shall fade away soon thereafter.

This is a very complex issue. At this time we are hiring females as well, but that has not been without any problems. In fact more issues has arisen from them. I am aware of many IT companies are hiring males only and I am under tremendous pressure to do so as well. However for now I wish to hire people on merits regardless of the gender however if situation changes in future, we can re-visit this issue again.  Overwhelmingly our issues have been from immature young employees. So when we have some maturity in the mix, things should shape up properly.

I am 80+ years of age and it is time to put the proper transition team in place. I want to close USA operations and have started in India as the future is India and not USA. I am looking at 10 years from today.

I shall guide you. I don’t micro maange. I shall show you how I do it. You can copy me, or you can design your own system. The point is not how to skin a cat but that you can skin it, anyway you like, as long you produce the sales, manage the company then how does it matter, how you did it. You can go through the syllabus for the trades, watch some videos on your own, check out the market places, and then decide if you are coach-able?

Yes. At any time you want we can demo you the products by web conference.

There is no set time. We are not in a big hurry to appoint right away. I am handling the position my self.  We need to find the right candidate first, if we can get one, then we can issue appointment letter on the same day to start, say within a week or so by mutual convenient time.

It may be feasible to look into it. For all practical purposes for now, it should be considered as nil.

If what we have presented here, makes any sense to you, and if you are interested in this position: then, please tell us about yourself in detail, your strengths/weaknesses and how we can combine our energies to our mutual benefit? What is it that you bring to the table? If you have the gumption to do what it takes to be a leader and lead the crew/company/product to the world and make it happen, we would like to hear from you.

Yes, of course, please feel free to do so.

My skype ID is vijay_kumar_chopra (NJ USA)

or https://join.skype.com/invite/x2EtcplMnhEW 

email incubersusa@gmail.com 

or Phone +1 908 200 2020

Or call Jaipur office. Contact info at www.incubers.com at the footer.