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Who We are and Why Choose Us ?

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01. Our Vision

We strongly believe that almost any function that exists in brick and mortar form or any mental domain can also duplicate in a web form or to complement it effectively. If you have an idea, that you believe can be pixilated, let us work on it. Although we can accomplish almost, in any platform or computer language, our preferred choice is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, NodeJS, Angular JS).

02. Our Mission

Increase transformation, drive efficiency, gain business intuitive see how incubers services help clients proficiently in business performances. incubers services are one of the global major and advanced providers of technology and outsourcing services specializing in Custom software development, Web application development, Mobile app development, and digital marketing.

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Our Lead Investor

Vijay K Chopra mission is to empower and enrich human lives. Vijay is a native of India, and is now a naturalized USA citizen. After under-graduation in Marine Mechanical Engineering (1963-67) he sailed for about 4.5 years then moved to USA for Masters in Management at State University of NY (1971-73). He started his Ship management career with Oracle Shipping (1973) and last served as Manager Marine Services at Island Creek, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum (Worlds 7th largest energy company) until 1982. In 1982, He branched out on his own starting with construction, until he met a debilitating accident in 1993. During this period, he remodeled many structures, built new homes and commercial spaces. He literally rose like a Phoenix after this hospitalization and worked at HVAC company. In 1998 Vijay started again on his own and operats a successful construction, consulting and inspection company.