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We are a young aggressive profitable bootstrapped software company and are looking for dynamic, confident, self starters who can lead in any position. Your soft skills, team building and leadership qualities matter a lot to us.

We believe in sharing our profits. Most software companies in our domain such as Docusign etc are operating at about 10% gross profit margins. So are we. Hence we are allocating to share half of our profits with our associates in each group. The group leader would get 2.5% of the revenue; provided the group leader meets minimal threshold and the other team members (Up to 10) are guaranteed to get 0.25% derived from that portal, regardless of the threshold. Your revenue bonus starts at the get go from day one, even if there is $1.00 in revenue, you get a piece of this revenue. This is the most liberal package of any such bonus, anywhere in the world. For example Docu Sign, who is our main competitor in the e-sign segment’s revenues are $800 million per annum; hence we kept our revenue threshold as our target to be X.001, which should be very achievable considering our offerings. Aggressive team leader could receive many times his monthly salary in this revenue bonus provided the leader is focused on the product. Even without the revenue bonus, the base salary is market competitive. For our lady associates we give extra leaves and more so for mother with young children.

Each of our several groups has its own target. Sky is the limit for its reach. As an associate you do not have any capital of your own, at risk, except undeterred dedication and time. You are paid for your time spent, fully, every month. Such positions may be open to full or part timers at Jaipur office and or virtually. We encourage exceptional dedicated talent to look into our revenue sharing positions. Currently, our main focus is in office productivity in niche markets, cloud security and mobile hardware. Most of our revenue comes from our own SAAS B2B markets.

We are a company of young professionals from second tier towns in India. We would like to steer our company towards cooperative model such as seen in dairy producers in India and suppliers cooperatives in USA etc. Our dreams are not that come when we sleep but the dreams that don’t let us sleep. “Salaa Main to Sahib baan gya” does not define us. Our ideal is Narayan Murthi who worked hard early on for better future. Or Ratan Tata who created the largest private employer in UK. If you believe in your own technical and leadership skills, have adequate time to soar, can spend relentless energy to make it happen, come on in, Welcome Aboard!

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Portal Group Leader of Rehabnia dot com

₹3L - ₹25L • 0.025 to 0.25% of the Gross Sales

We are actively seeking a passionate, entrepreneurial, hands-on full charge person to lead a team of passionate associates. This is a multi-disciplinary position. The principal focus is to maintain market share and sales lead in the marketplace. The sky is not the limit. In this role, you will be responsible for leading a team, comprising of freshers, front end, back end, data management, security, marketing, and sales to drive innovation in full-stack product development, while relentlessly improving performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Portal Product Development, Maintenance, and Management: This is a variant of our core SAAS portal; VWork247, which is a generic work manager, however, this variant is modeled specifically for Real Estate rehabbers in North America. Our core is an integrated software so the user gets several utilities such as CRM, Project Management, Accounting, HR, office productivity tools, and mobile phone integration, all in one subscription at the very low price of US$30 per month. Rehabbers are specialized contractors/developers who deal with old structures to be renewed. There are about ten competitors in this space, but none has an integrated product like ours. The market for software sales in this segment is about US$1 billion per year. We expect to extract about US$10 million per year from this pool. You will be the creator and executor of the product development plan, discussing needs with all stakeholders.

Induction From Base To Top Lead: You will be inducted into the group, to be groomed and given a chance to learn the ropes from the ground, so that you can reach the top. The ownership shall provide you full support that is needed to learn the skills needed for the multi-roles to rise through the ranks, executing while learning and delivering the results. This is a unique position that may need some hand-holding but mostly your zeal and conviction to reach full charge. This position is not for the timid or the laid-back person, as grueling hours are needed. You must be a natural passionate leader, analyzer, implementer, and aspire to be the best that there is, bar none. A very organized person with an eye on learning new skill sets are absolutely essential.

Technical Guidance: You will provide entire technical expertise; which requires that you have the technical depth to make complex design decisions and the hands-on ability to lead by example.

Execution and Delivery: You will be expected to instill and follow good software development practices and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. You should be familiar with agile practices, as well as be able to adapt these to the needs of the business, with a constant focus on product quality and market share.

Technical Guidance: You will provide entire technical expertise; which requires that you have the technical depth to make complex design decisions and the hands-on ability to lead by example.

Profit-Sharing: The principal component of your compensation is derived from sales. We have assigned a very liberal portion of the gross revenue/profits. Our accounting is very transparent. Our product is SAAS at this time. There are no cash sales. We expect to reach at least about 1000 subscribers at US$30.00 per month in less than a year after launch. If you reach the top to lead this group, you will get 0.25% of this sale revenue, otherwise, if you are in the group as a member-only, you will get 0.025%. We measure your performance in milestones that are pre-assigned to you.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • - We are looking for a Graphic Designer, experience who can work independently to create and design using their creativity with 1-3 yrs Exp. for Jaipur Location.

    - It can be a full or part-time and virtual or physical in-office position.

    Required Job Skills :

    - Proficiency in spoken and writing English language is an absolute must

    - Excellent IT skills, especially with design, photo-editing, and video editing software

    - Exceptional creativity and innovation

    - Excellent time management and organizational skills

    - Accuracy and attention to detail

    - An understanding of the latest design trends and their role within a commercial environment

    - Professional approach to assigned tasks within given time-frame and deadlines

    - Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, After-Effects)

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Portal Group Leader of Rehabnia dot com

₹2L - ₹25L •

This is a multi-role position, as an administrator for a development team, personal assistant to the Managing director, research analyst on technical topics, and a writer for our blogs, etc. You must be very fluent in speaking English, and office software, including MS Office, etc.

This individual could usually have had been a teacher, manager, or executive in a commercial, not-for-profit, or public sector organization. The role of this association would be to free an executive’s time from organizing and administrative tasks so that they can spend maximum time on strategic tasks.

We would train this person in the use of software so learning new skill sets rapidly is necessary.

Responsibilities typically include
  • - Acting as the first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls
  • - Managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the manager/executive
  • - Booking and arranging travel, transport, and accommodation - organizing events and conferences
  • - Reminding the manager/executive of important tasks and deadlines
  • - Typing, compiling, and preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence
  • - Managing databases and filing systems
  • - Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems
  • - Liaising with staff, suppliers, and clients
  • - Collating and filing expenses
  • - Research and compiling content for blogs

Job Description:- 

We seek a capable associate for content creation/digital marketing/Growth Hacking.

Desired Skills:

Good command of SEO and growth hacking tools.

 Active on major social media networks.

 Expertise in data analysis and generate reports.

 Thorough understanding of marketing fundamentals and sales.

 Create text and visual content.

Online Branding & Online Advertising

Market Entry Strategy & Content Marketing

Growth Strategy, SEO, Content Writing & Digital Branding

Roles & Responsibilities:

Design, develop, test, research, monitor, and enhance our digital marketing.

Develop best practices in digital marketing, research, and internal processes for ensuring quality and high standards.

Digital asset-building likes Lead Database, competitor analysis, market analysis, market entry analysis, Prospect analysis, offering analysis as well as secondary analysis Plan, execute & monitor marketing campaigns.

Work with others to develop relevant marketing assets for the company.

We need a candidate with excellent command in Verbal and Written English.

Create written and visual content

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